The Social Media Take Down

There have been a lot of changes in my daily life ever since the latter part of last year and while I'm still adjusting to a new work and lifestyle schedule, I've incurred some new habits as well. One of them is browsing through IG to get some inspiration going for some art projects that I have in mind. So while I was doing just that last week, I had the unfortunate luck to chance upon a post from one of my favorite artists Soey Milk.

She does these great Asian pieces of really beautiful women and her art style is particularly noticeable which is why she also has a great social media following. Anyway, as of writing this blog article, she has taken down the original post that I saw that night. She was extremely sad because a restaurant here in the Philippines, had printed her art pieces and used it in their restaurant and their advertisements.

This did not sit well with her fans and followers. Soon, most were leaving nasty comments in the social media pages of Gaja Korean Restaurant. That includes me as well. You all know just how much I detest art thieves and copiers. This was my scathing comment on their Facebook page.

In my opinion, this was really irresponsible for the part of the owner and his design team. There should always be due diligence when it comes to using any imagery coming from the internet. Hello? Being an interior designer myself, I am speaking from experience. It is absolutely mandatory in our practice to cover all the basics which includes that kind of responsibility. So, I am  not at all feeling any pity for the social media take down that happened to the owner and their "burned" PR team. 

Soey was within her rights to get upset by what happened. She's the nicest lady if she doesn't pursue legal actions. However, a few hours after her followers had gone and professed their dislike and negative reviews, the owners of Gaja restaurant seemed to have taken the right course of action. There were still more comments pouring in and there was one that I had to blur out in the image. He was ranting on about how artists have become so self righteous that they cannot consider what happened as free publicity.

Of course, he then became the subject of much hate. Well, anyway, he's part of the problem. He probably doesn't know anything about the creative process. How it takes time, skill and intellectual concept to come up with an art composition. Art doesn't come out of thin air. In the meantime, I am glad I can do my part in letting the world know that it is never okay to steal someone's art.