Inking it Up

Lately, I've been filling up an old sketchbook of inked drawings. The sketches are studies I've been doing for a client who has commissioned me to design stamps. So the exercise had been going great. It's making me practice my proportions and line weights. 

Some have been a surprise too. I've been doing a lot of imaginative sketching as well. I really loved how this koi fish turned out.

I've been using a Sakura Pigma Brush Pen in brown and blue to outline my drawings. Each drawing transports me back to my college days when we had drawing classes and plates to submit.

Here's another fish that I got to work on. I wanted to experiment showing different forms of the fish instead of showing them conventionally.

I'm also loving how these inked sketches are helping me be more careful with my lines and also have more control of the pen since the its tip is as soft as a real brush. I can't wait to finish this sketchbook and show you the doodles I've put in it.