Freshening up my Gouache and Watercolors

It's been almost a month since we got back from our two month long stay in the US and while I have tidied up and organized the new art supplies I bought from the trip, I still haven't really sat down and thoroughly play with them yet. Between setting up our new business and catching up on pending art commissions, it's been a crazy toxic month back. What I was able to do was squeeze my new paints into their corresponding sets. My artist gouache set and premium watercolor sets both got filled up.

There are very few gouache artists here locally, maybe that's why it's very hard to find artist grade gouache paints in the local art stores. If you can find one, trust that it's very expensive so I made it a point to buy some Winsor & Newton Designers Gouache paints while I was abroad. Here are the new colors that I got that were missing from my Holbein Gouache Set.

Since I still had a few spaces left. I also put in some Shin Han Pass Hybrid Watercolors in the set. These work like gouache as well.

My 18-color Artist Gouache set is now filled up to 24 colors! Since I've been doing a lot of illustrations that require a lot of pastel and feminine colors, the addition of the pinks and purples were perfect for my palette.

My complete 24-color gouache set now includes these colors:
  1. Holbein Carmine
  2. Holbein Flame Red
  3. Holbein Jaune Brilliant No. 2
  4. Holbein Permanent Yellow
  5. Holbein Lemon Yellow
  6. Holbein Permanent Yellow Orange
  7. Holbein Yellow Ochre
  8. Holbein Terre Verte
  9. Holbein Permanent Green Deep
  10. Holbein Emerald Green
  11. Holbein Peacock Blue
  12. Holbein Ultramarine Deep
  13. Holbein Prussian Blue
  14. Holbein Chinese Orange
  15. Holbein Burnt Sienna
  16. Holbein Raw Umber
  17. Winsor & Newton Rose Tyrien
  18. Winsor & Newton Turquoise Blue
  19. Winsor & Newton Brilliant Violet
  20. Shin Han Pass Heliotrope
  21. Shin Han Pass Shell Pink
  22. Shin Han Pass Permanent Violet (shows up blue in the photo)
  23. Holbein Ivory Black
  24. Holbein Permanent White
As for my premium watercolor set (I call this premium because it's a mix of Daniel Smith and Winsor & Newton Artist Grade paints), I was able to transfer my old 24-color set into a metal tin case that used to hold Master's Touch Pan Watercolors which I bought from Hobby Lobby. Again, I was able to buy some Daniel Smith paints during my trip.

I found it really hard to choose because I already had some of the colors in my palette and I was torn between buying colors that I already had but really love or buying some new colors to extend my palette color range. I decided on the latter. I also bought some pretty pricey M. Graham Watercolor Paints.

I was now able to extend the colors to 40 but I am still missing two as you can see in the photo below. I swatched them the other day and I'm pretty satisfied with my color selections.

I'm thinking to get two more colors from M. Graham because those were really great. When I swatched them, they weren't hard to re-wet at all and they weren't kidding when they said you only need a miniscule amount on your brush. Just even a pinprick has loads of pigment on it. They were quite expensive but I think were really worth the purchase.

The colors in this premium set are:
  1. Daniel Smith Bismuth Vanadate Yellow
  2. Daniel Smith Isoindoline Yellow
  3. Daniel Smith Pyrrol Orange
  4. Daniel Smith Pyrrol Scarlet
  5. Daniel Smith Quinacridone Red
  6. Daniel Smith Pyrrol Crimson
  7. Daniel Smith Quinacridone Rose
  8. Daniel Smith Carbazole Violet
  9. Winsor & Newton French Ultramarine 
  10. Daniel Smith Prussian Blue
  11. Daniel Smith Prussian Green
  12. Daniel Smith Phtalo Turquoise 
  13. Daniel Smith Phtalo Green
  14. Daniel Smith Terre Verte
  15. Daniel Smith Undersea Green
  16. Daniel Smith Rare Green Earth
  17. Winsor & Newton Quinacridone Gold
  18. Daniel Smith Mars Yellow
  19. Winsor & Newton Raw Umber
  20. Winsor & Newton Burnt Umber
  21. Winsor & Newton Burnt Sienna
  22. Winsor & Newton Caput Mortuum Violet
  23. Daniel Smith Van Dyck Brown
  24. Winsor & Newton Ivory Black
  25. Daniel Smith Cerulean Blue
  26. Daniel Smith Cobalt Teal Blue
  27. Daniel Smith Serpentine Genuine
  28. Daniel Smith Buff Titanium
  29. Daniel Smith Opera Pink
  30. Daniel Smith Rhodonite Genuine
  31. Daniel Smith Amethyst Genuine
  32. M. Graham Indian Yellow
  33. M. Graham Naphthol Red
  34. M. Graham Hooker's Green
  35. M. Graham Cobalt Green
  36. M. Graham Turquoise
  37. M. Graham Ultramarine Blue
  38. M. Graham Ultramarine Violet Deep
  39. M. Graham Terra Rosa (to purchase)
  40. M. Graham Payne's Gray (to purchase)
Really happy about these sets. I'm really excited to play with them soon. How about you guys? How have you been doing with your art endeavors lately?

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