Venturing into Hobby Lobby

Major things have happened in the past months. I’m currently in the US and I’ve been going crazy fawning over the art stores and touristy sites I’ve visited thus far. It’s not really keeping my wallet happy but my artsy and wanderlust heart is really happy. Also, there’s been a major shift in my life and now I’m just trying to get back into the swing of things and settle into a comfortable new schedule which includes more time for my art and for blogging (yay!). The very first art store that I visited here in Florida is Hobby Lobby. I had no idea how big of an art store it was until me and friends had lunch near it one day. As soon as my friend’s husband said that it will be heaven for me, well I was sold. So one afternoon, I asked my husband if we could go there.
Huuuuge storefront view from the parking lot. 

I really only had an hour to browse the big store before it closed for the day but in that hour, I was overwhelmed with all the pretty stuff I saw there!
Each display aisle were organized according to the craft.
They also had a great home section which I didn't have much time to browse through.
It’s such a big arts and crafts store and I went from display to display wanting to buy everything! (Like all hoarders do haha!) Be warned that this post will be photo intensive. I took as much photos as I could.
So much washi tapes!!
I've never been a washi tape horder but when I saw these, I couldn't help myself. I bought some to add to my "small" washi tape collection. 
Trimmers of all sorts and sizes
It's a crafter's haven for sure. There were so many materials and tools for crafts there. Including so much decorative papers. They were available in so many different sizes too!

I couldn't resist the beautifully patterned papers (even though I don't know where I may use them) so I immediately chose some, figuring I could use them for flat lays and stuff. While at the craft section, I stumbled across these Prima Watercolors that I've been wanting to try for a long time. So I grabbed some of those too and then I made my way into the art section where I was greeted by these huge canvases.

Plus there were a lot of easles...lots and lots of easels. I wanted one of those as well. I haven't really been doing some plein air paintings so it wasn't for those. I wanted a tabletop one that I could just keep at home or at the office.

Well, you can imagine my excitement when these paints came into view. There were rows upon rows of paint tubes of acrylics and watercolors ranging from beginner paints and artist grade ones.

There were also inks and pens for calligraphy as well. There were beginner nibs and some Dr. PH Martin inks that are priced even better than they are back home.

Coloring book enthusiasts also won't be feeling left out because there were also a lot of coloring materials in the store. Prismacolor is so common here.

Of course, for watercolor enthusiasts like me, there was a whole section dedicated to brushes alone. However, Hobby Lobby mostly features their house brand, Master's Touch.

So what did I end up buying? An assortment of stuff compiled from two trips, as you can see below:

Who can resist these papers?

The Fabriano notebooks were dotted and were very much like Muji quality. I'm going to see if they can be used for calligraphy practice.

I got this at 40% off because of a discount coupon!

Yay! I can't wait to use this when I get back home.
 Really happy to have made these purchases at great prices because of lucky trips when they were having art supply sales. Watch out for art material reviews soon!

Hobby Lobby Art Haul

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