Your Basic Calligraphy Materials

If you're mildly interested in starting on calligraphy as a hobby then you might want to check out what materials you would need first. This post is intended for just that. Once you've started though, I can assure you that calligraphy is one hobby that you'll really enjoy. You'll learn to appreciate the high quality kinds of paper, the different kinds and colors of calligraphy inks, the zen-like state you'll get into while you practice and the significant improvement in your handwriting.

One of the queries that I always get when I'm teaching calligraphy workshops is if they have bad handwriting to start with, will their calligraphy be bad as well? Taking up calligraphy is like learning how to write all over again and with the proper tools you can be sure that even with only 15 minutes a day, your calligraphy game will improve.


  • Oblique Pen Holder
  • Nibs
  • Water
  • Tissue Paper
  • Scratch Paper
  • Nib Holder/Dish
  • Ink
  • Pen Rest
  • Clips to hold your page
  • Practice Notebook/Paper
Some of the stuff you can easily find in your common arts and supplies stores but for the more exclusive ones dedicated for calligraphy, you can check out these stores.

THE CRAFT CENTRAL stores with branches in Greenbelt, SM North and Vertis North. For a complete listing, check out this LINK.
You can also buy calligraphy materials on CRAFT CARROT. They have an affordable selection of various art stuff there. 

Next upcoming calligraphy post: What are Nibs?

Basic Calligraphy Materials

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