My Watercolor Lettering Demo

Last weekend was pretty busy for me because I did an on-stage watercolor lettering demo at the National Bookstore Back to School Fair for Zig Kuretake. I have long since been a loyal advocate of the brand and I truly love their products. I felt really flattered and honored when I was invited to do a demo for the event and while I've already done workshops myself, I have never done a demo onstage.

My watercolor lettering demo would be using Zig Kuretake Gansai Tambi watercolors since I was representing the brand Zig. What I was really scared of was that I would get a case of the nerves, aka hand shaking. So on my first day, that's exactly what happened. I was calm, I was composed and yet my hands were shaking. Grrrr, hands. You're not cooperating!
IG Stories grabbed from @nationalbookstore

Still, with hand shake and all, I managed to finish two lettering pieces. However, my morale was really down. I was disappointed with myself. I really wanted it to be good. So, I swallowed my failure and resolved to better for the second day.

Second day came and I was almost late. Who knew that Sunday traffic would be much worse. I arrived at the event just in time. There was just one person doing the demo and then it would be my turn.
IG Stories grabbed from @nationalbookstore

My second onstage watercolor lettering demo wasn't bad. My hands shook just for a second but I was able to take control of it. I finished a big lettering piece just in the nick of time. I was elated that I did fairly well. My reward after the demo? A very nice cup of coffee. Yummm.

On-stage Watercolor Lettering Demo

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