My Ongoing Calligraphy Journey

If you have been a reader of mine, you may have noticed that I have been on hiatus for quite a number of months. Late last year, I started to concentrate on doing my wedding preparations and I got married in January. Yes I'm married! Then after I got married, I've been dealing with some personal issues, some of which had me doing an inner battle with myself before I could muster up the will to go to work. I lost most of the time and I really felt completely burned out. Of course, with all that stress, I was also fighting a huge creative block. 

My personal mantra lately

Lately, I've been wanting to get back into calligraphy and art once again. So I've taken baby steps. While I'm slowly getting into my creative habits, it got me pondering on why I started my calligraphy journey in the first place.
My very first ever calligraphy piece.

Would you believe that these are only written on memo paper?
I started my calligraphy journey more than three years ago when my boyfriend of eight years and I, mutually agreed to break up. I was devastated and extremely heartbroken. I was in desperate need of a distraction and when the opportunity to get into calligraphy presented itself, I immediately got into the habit practicing every night. I would get into this rhythm of just writing, sound of chill music filling my ears, a scented candle filling the room with nice relaxing scents and my nib making wonderful scratching sounds on the paper. I loved it.
I slowly discovered the wonders of calligraphy inks and their colors.

I brought this little notebook at work so that I could practice while having breakfast.
I began posting my works on Instagram even though they weren't very good. The calligraphy community on Instagram was very friendly. They encouraged me to do well. Soon, my new-found hobby wasn't just a distraction anymore.
I joined memes and prompts on IG to practice my skill.

I found new friends, I attended exciting art events and I got to really hone my calligraphy skills. Drastically, I improved....I began to really get the hang of it and I felt redeemed. I wasn't broken anymore.
I improved month after month until I could finally show something that I could really call my own calligraphy.

Then eventually, I started dating once again. I found myself having less and less time for calligraphy. I was intoxicated with my new love and slowly, the creative fire fizzled out.

Most of my practice pieces were quotes to encourage, of heartache and sometimes random thoughts.
I lost touch with calligraphy for a while. The last time I gave my nibs some work were during my envelope addressing for my own wedding. I can practically hear them whimpering and crying out waiting to be inked and be touched on paper once again.

I can't wait to do calligraphy once again. 
I think that's being overly dramatic but hey, lately I've been feeling the itch to pick up on the hobby again. Let's see how rusty I got. Then maybe, you can join me this time around as I re-discover every little thing that made me fall in-love with calligraphy in the first place.

Calligraphy Journey

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