My Latest Art Supply Wishlist

I think I’ve been a good girl enough this year to warrant a good wishlist for art supply shopping next year. I’ve been restraining myself from making any big art purchases especially since we are preparing for our wedding. I am actually surprised at how short my list is now. Without further ado, let’s take a peek shall we?

First up in the list is a Rose Gold Lamy LX. Although I’m a pen addict, I haven’t quite got into the Fountain Pen Bandwagon yet and while my visits to Scribe had me drooling over the pen displays, I’ve been able to successfully resist temptation. So I only have a few choice beginner fountain pens that I’ve been eyeing, this included.
Next up are these Series 22 Pure Kolinsky Designer Rosemary & Co watercolor brushes. This is one brush brand that I still don’t own and there have been great reviews from fellow artists. I can’t wait to try them out myself.

Here's another highly recommended art material that I haven't gotten the chance to try yet. I wish they didn't come in oh so limited sets. My set of choice would be M. Graham Desert Southwest Watercolor Set.

I promised myself that when I get extra cash, I'd invest on more of these Black Velvet Brushes by Silver Brush. They're oh so good for watercolor.

I've been holding off on getting one because I'm just stubborn but with commissions coming in, I may have to get myself one of these soon, a desktop easel.
How about you? What's in your art wishlist this year?

Art Supply Wishlist

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