Disappearing Sennelier Paints?

One of the most expensive watercolor sets I’ve ever bought is my Sennelier French Watercolor Paints. While I love it’s creaminess and color vibrancy, because of its price, I use it sparingly and I only use it for final works. However, when I opened my set last week, I noticed this on my set.
 photo sennelier-paints-001.jpg
Some of the pans have significant loss of paint. I was scratching my head in wonder and a little bit of panic because I’m pretty sure that I haven’t used that much paint. I was very careful in dotting my brush with just barely a pinprick of pigment everytime I use it. So why does it show so much variance? The last time I looked at it, it was still full, as full as the first time I’ve opened it.
 photo sennelier-watercolor-review-002.jpg
Now, there are a lot of colors showing so much decrease in pigment content per pan. Are these paints known to evaporate? I mean, when you leave some water on it and then store the set for a time, do the pigments evaporate with the water as it dries up? Has this happened to your set too?
 photo sennelier-paints-002.jpg

Sennelier Paints
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