How to Write in Foil


One of the gifts that I gave myself last Christmas was a custom foiling pen from The Curious Artisan. It’s a modified tool that allows you to write faux broad and pointed pen calligraphy on wood, leather and fabric. I finally got to try it out over the Christmas break and here are my first impressions.

The foiling pen looked like this and uses three AA Alkaline batteries.
The tip is bent and generates a considerable amount of heat this is why care must be taken when using this tool. You can suffer serious burns!
The kit came with some colored foil and I tried my best to use it as sparingly as I could. Finally after about four tries, I managed to come up with a decent enough output to put on my small Moleskine notebook. You can see the small foil that I wrote on. You have to tape this securely on the surface with tape before proceeding to write.
Foiling wasn’t as easy as I thought. You have to rub a few times to make sure the foil had completely adhered to the surface. When doing foil calligraphy, you have to go over the letters a few times to make the thick and thin line distinctions.
I have also observed that it is easier to write in foil on a pliable surface, like leather. It is harder to get the foil even on a hard surface, like paper and this hardbound planner cover.  See the uneven fillings?

Thus endeth my first use of the custom foil pen. Of course, this wouldn’t be my last. I’m already thinking about the next foiling project I’ll have and I’m a little bit excited. Smile Check out how I used the foil pen in action.

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This is a pretty nifty tool to be able to explore using your calligraphy skills on non-traditional surfaces and if you have the resources to buy one for yourself, I suggest you do so. You won't regret it. 

Calligraphy with Foil