Unboxing: Sennelier Watercolor Set

Early in the year, I bought myself this 24-color Sennelier Watercolor Set as a birthday treat. The set didn’t come cheap and I ended up saying that I promise that I wouldn’t buy anymore art supplies for the year to justify its cost. That promise didn’t last long though but this is what I can say, I don’t regret shelling out more to buy this wonderful set.
Just to give a bit of a background, Sennelier is a French brand that prides itself in producing exceptional artist’s materials. Their watercolors are made of meticulously ground pigments that have been mixed in a time-tested formulation with binders and honey. Sennelier Watercolors is one of the few watercolor sets that I know which uses honey as a binding agent. The honey gives the paint a richer color and higher fluidity in terms of application. The set that I bought came in a metal case like this.
Inside, the paints came in half pans that are full to the brim with paint. Look at all those yummy colors! The 24-color set has a good balance of colors. There are a lot of pretty shades of red and a good range of blues and greens. If I’m looking to add more to this set, I’d choose more violets and oranges.
I made a quick of all the colors to test vibrancy and saturation. You won’t believe how creamy these paints are. With each swipe of the brush, all I can think about is “smooth, smooth, smooth.” I love it!

I’ll be reviewing this paint more in-depth soon. So make sure to watch out for that.

Sennelier Watercolor Set Unboxing