Review: Turner Acryl-Gouache

I bought the Turner Acryl-Gouche Japanesque set on the premise that I wanted to learn a new medium. During my art subjects in college, we had touched upon water-based mediums like watercolor but never really went in-depth into learning with acrylics and gouache. Since it was just a rendering class, we touched upon the different art mediums only to learn the basics. So after browsing the online catalog of ArtWhale, I decided to go for Acryl-Gouache tubes. I had very little experience with acrylics and just a few month’s worth of practice with gouache at that time.

I also bought a few more extra colors to add to the Turner Acryl-Gouche Japanesque set and then I set off to try them for a new project. Tip: Acryl-Gouache is not true gouache and won’t behave like so. It’s essentially acrylic paint adapting the matte properties of gouache. So it might be tricky if you’re expecting to use it like gouache or acrylic. There’s a bit of a balance to it which you’ll learn as you use the medium for a while.

My first project for this medium was to use it as a background color for a calligraphy piece. Here’s what I came up with.

I mixed in a little bit of water on the mixing palette and applied the paint with a waterbrush. Making sure to rinse it thoroughly immediately after each color. Remember, this paint is mostly acrylic and it will adhere to the brush and the mixing palette when it dries up.
It dried up pretty quickly on the watercolor paper. Since I was using 200 gsm paper at the time, I did notice a bit of buckling. You might notice too that the wash didn’t really blend seamlessly. That’s one thing to note when you’re contemplating on buying this medium. It’s hard to achieve a seamless wash blend unless you work the paint directly from the tube and use it like acrylic paint.
However, for the purpose of the background that I wanted for a poem, the effect was what I wanted. Adding a few more leaf touches and I’m done with the background piece. Using bleedproof white to write in the poem, here’s what the final piece looked like.
My second project was to use the paint on wood. I had been wanting to make an art piece for my sister at the time. I painted the background circles first then wrote out her name in lettering. Wait in between colors before applying just to make sure you don’t get runs and bleeding.
See how the paint dries up matte? Like true acrylic and gouache, you can paint over colors to layer without worrying that you’ll reactivate the paint underneath. Once acryl-gouache is dry, it’s permanently dry.
My sister loved anything Japanese so I painted details of cherry blossoms on the umbrellas as background interest.
One good tip in using this paint is to paint over the dark parts first and then paint the highlights after. Trust me, when you take the time to plan out the highlights of your art piece, it will make a whole lot difference. Here’s the final piece.

Just recently, I had picked up on using the medium once again and this time for illustration. It took a while for me to get the hang of using this paint again after getting used to gouache and watercolor but for its color brilliancy and the extensive range of hues, they’re great for creating art pieces like this. 

You can buy Turner Acryl-Gouache set and individual tubes over at ArtWhale. The set costs less than a thousand bucks while each 20mL tube will range in cost from Php 150 to Php 200+.

Turner Acryl-Gouache Review