Review: Daler & Rowney Iridescent Ink

When I started doing calligraphy, I would always be seen browsing at the art section of Fullybooked looking at acrylic inks. I started to collect the different colors but I would always skip buying the Iridescent ones. I had doubts whether the shimmering ink would show up properly on black paper. They were also a bit pricier than the standard colors. One day though, I finally gave in.
The iridescent acrylic ink come in 30mL bottles with a dropper. You do have to shake the bottle a bit before each use because the mica pigments tend to settle at the bottom when stored for a while.
What I bought was Shimmering Red. The ink has a very good consistency, it flows great off the nib and to my delight, shows up great over black paper. You know what I love about it? You will notice the outline of color in each stroke. The “red shimmer” shows depending on the angle of the light. Definitely gives any work of calligraphy more interest and character don’t you think?

Dalery & Rowney Iridescent Acrylic Artist’s Ink