Review: Finetec Watercolor Gold Palette

When I started to learn doing calligraphy, I began to want to expand my ink choices to more than just your regular black Sumi ink. If you’ve ever wanted to use metallic inks and I suggest you get yourself some Finetec Artist Mica Watercolors, particularly this beautiful gold palette.
These don’t come in cheap but as a reward to yourself for doing your calligraphy drills diligently, then these are a very good investment. Finetec Artist Mica Watercolors are made from mica powders that shimmer and flow fluently when mixed with water. You can use them as paint or as ink for calligraphy.
Finetec colors come in individual pots and can be sold individually or in a set like this. You can buy refills for this set as soon as you run out. Don’t worry about the wavy pattern on the face of the paint. These help retain water into wells when you work the paint and powders into the brush. The gold palette come in these different shades of gold.
You can use this as calligraphy ink by loading the paint into the brush and then brushing the paint onto a nib. Just mix in the right of water for the ink to flow neatly from the nib. Don’t mix it too thinly or else as an ink, it wouldn’t flow as well. Here’s a color swatch that I made from this palette.

Finetec Artist Mica Watercolors Gold Palette

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