November 27, 2016

Unboxing: Schmincke Horadam Watercolor Set

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My other watercolor investment for this year was getting for myself as another “birthday gift” was the 12 color Schmincke Horadam Watercolor Set. It is an artist-grade set heralding from Germany. It is one of the top brands in watercolor and you can understand why I’ve wanted it for so long. The thing is, when I bought it, it wasn’t readily available here in the Philippines. Now, Art Nebula carries the same set, as well as the student-grade counterpart – Akademie and individual paint pans. I can now extend this set to a more versatile color palette.
The set I bought had 12 full pans in a metal case that is very similar to the Sennelier set. Unlike the French paints though, the watercolor paints carried by the Schmincke brand is bound by Kordofan Gum Arabic from the southern Sahara region and a mix of Oxgall to aid with the flow.
I wasn’t kidding when I called this purchase an investment because the set is quite pricey. However, since these are artist-grade paints, even just a pin prick of pigment goes a long way. So these full pan sets can last me a very long time. Here’s the color swatches from this set.
As you can see, the colors are more muted than vibrant. I probably only used a dab of paint the size of a pin head to make these swatches. Amazing right? That’s how you can tell what quality your watercolors are. Here’s a few practice pieces.
schmincke-horadam-unboxing-test-004.jpg schmincke-horadam-paint-test-001.jpg

Schmincke Horadam Watercolor Set

November 27, 2016

Review: Turner Acryl-Gouache

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I bought the Turner Acryl-Gouche Japanesque set on the premise that I wanted to learn a new medium. During my art subjects in college, we had touched upon water-based mediums like watercolor but never really went in-depth into learning with acrylics and gouache. Since it was just a rendering class, we touched upon the different art mediums only to learn the basics. So after browsing the online catalog of ArtWhale, I decided to go for Acryl-Gouache tubes. I had very little experience with acrylics and just a few month’s worth of practice with gouache at that time.

I also bought a few more extra colors to add to the Turner Acryl-Gouche Japanesque set and then I set off to try them for a new project. Tip: Acryl-Gouache is not true gouache and won’t behave like so. It’s essentially acrylic paint adapting the matte properties of gouache. So it might be tricky if you’re expecting to use it like gouache or acrylic. There’s a bit of a balance to it which you’ll learn as you use the medium for a while.

My first project for this medium was to use it as a background color for a calligraphy piece. Here’s what I came up with.

November 27, 2016

Unboxing: Sennelier Watercolor Set

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Early in the year, I bought myself this 24-color Sennelier Watercolor Set as a birthday treat. The set didn’t come cheap and I ended up saying that I promise that I wouldn’t buy anymore art supplies for the year to justify its cost. That promise didn’t last long though but this is what I can say, I don’t regret shelling out more to buy this wonderful set.
November 27, 2016

Review: Daler & Rowney Iridescent Ink

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When I started doing calligraphy, I would always be seen browsing at the art section of Fullybooked looking at acrylic inks. I started to collect the different colors but I would always skip buying the Iridescent ones. I had doubts whether the shimmering ink would show up properly on black paper. They were also a bit pricier than the standard colors. One day though, I finally gave in.
November 27, 2016

Kuretake Gansai Tambi Watercolor Set Review pt 2

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As promised, here’s the second part of my review for the Kuretake Gansai Tambi Watercolor Set. Here’s what I’ve observed when painting with this watercolor set. The paint in the pans are semi-moist. You can easily pick up the color with your brush and as I’ve already mentioned, these are highly pigmented paints but one observation is that no matter how bright the colors might seem in the pan, they are always a bit duller on paper.
November 23, 2016

Kuretake Gansai Tambi Watercolor Set Review pt. 1

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This post is part one of two to give a more in-depth review of this watercolor set.
One of the first watercolor sets that I wished so much for was the Kuretake Gansai Tambi Watercolor Set. Ever since I saw it on my Instagram explore feed, I wanted it. It had this huge full pans and bright appealing colors. That was why I wanted it. Unfortunately, during the time I saw it, it wasn’t readily available here in Manila so I had to wait for the online art stores to sell it here. When I saw an online art store finally selling it, I immediately bought a set. My first was an 18 color set that I wanted to try first before buying the full 36 color one. I was very happy with my initial trial. It was definitely a step-up from the Prang and Pebeo sets that I was using at home. When I finally had the money, I bought the 36 color set and that’s what I’ll feature in this post. The Kuretake Gansai Tambi 36 color Watercolor set is packaged in this beautiful olive green box.
October 29, 2016

Featured: Better than Before

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I’ve been participating in the yearly reading challenges over at Goodreads and being the bookworm that I am, I sometimes cannot help but write the book titles for some of my lettering practices on Instagram. I also don’t write the title of just any book. I always write out the titles of mention-worthy books so that my followers can also have the pleasure of checking it out for themselves. One such book is Better than Before by Gretchen Rubin.

October 27, 2016

Book Review: Show your Work!

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One of the foremost social platforms that we have today is Instagram. As a creative this is where you would probably go to first for you work to get noticed. Yes, even as a beginner, you shouldn’t be afraid to show your work. Instagram has a wonderful art community and the people I’ve met there have been friendly. There will be tough critics there but I say you use those comments to further improve your art.
“Make stuff you love and talk about stuff you love and you’ll attract people who love that kind of stuff. It’s that simple.”
October 25, 2016

Review: Finetec Watercolor Gold Palette

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When I started to learn doing calligraphy, I began to want to expand my ink choices to more than just your regular black Sumi ink. If you’ve ever wanted to use metallic inks and I suggest you get yourself some Finetec Artist Mica Watercolors, particularly this beautiful gold palette.
October 25, 2016

Review: Khadi Paper

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I became curious about Khadi Papers ever since I saw them for sale at one of my favorite online stores, Art Whale. They’re made of 100% long fibred cotton rag and they have a deckled edge. They are handmade from India. I got several pieces through my boyfriend’s sister, who is also a watercolor enthusiast like me. So after finally being able to try it, here’s my initial thoughts on it.

  • They have a very textured surface ranging from medium to rough. The medium textured one is the one most comparable to cold-pressed watercolor paper. The handmade texture of the paper gives it a lot of wells for the paint to settle in, letting more pigments to get soaked into the fibers of the paper.

October 24, 2016

Ladies Drawing Night

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Sunday night… pffft. Just a few more hours and it’ll be Monday. Try as I might about being positive for the upcoming workweek, there’s still that nagging sad feeling about letting the weekend go. I think it’s the anticipation of the inevitable Monday blues. Well, due to the genius that is my friend, Drea (Instagram – @mabuhaydiy), we’ve started Ladies Drawing Night. It starts at about 9pm, Manila time and me along with art enthusiasts participate by working on two drawing themes. What makes it so fun is that there is a time limit to each theme, so not only will it make us think of drawing subjects faster, it also enables us to work on our art pieces faster than normal.
October 23, 2016

Welcome to Our New Home

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It took some time but finally, I’ve got the new site all set up. Welcome fellow calligraphers and watercolor enthusiasts. I’ve got so many exciting product reviews and art insights in store for you guys. Are you ready? Break out the champagne! I’m so excited to be writing in this new site.

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