Ongoing Watercolor Sketches

January 11, 2017 Cher Cabula 0 Comments

Remember the art resolutions that I posted? Well, one of them is to be able to fill one sketchbook this year with watercolor sketches. I do not pledge to draw on it everyday because my schedule doesn't permit doing so but I'm really hoping I'd get to when I've gotten back into the swing of things this year. Anyway, I've started to fill up some pages of this art journal at least. cher-cabula-watercolor-sketches-005.jpg

My 2017 Art Resolutions

January 04, 2017 Cher Cabula 0 Comments

I know I posted a sort of teaser for my art resolutions the other day and it’s just now that I finally decided to make my list final and public. So without further ado, here are my art resolutions for this year. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do them diligently and with much discipline.
Art Resolutions Banner.png

How to Write in Foil

January 04, 2017 Cher Cabula 0 Comments


One of the gifts that I gave myself last Christmas was a custom foiling pen from The Curious Artisan. It’s a modified tool that allows you to write faux broad and pointed pen calligraphy on wood, leather and fabric. I finally got to try it out over the Christmas break and here are my first impressions.

My DIY Holiday Cards

January 02, 2017 Cher Cabula 0 Comments

Hello everyone! How have your holidays have been? It’s already the second day of the New Year and I hope it’s been treating you good so far. I’ve been so busy last month with all the holiday preps and with finishing up commissioned projects. I’m really excited about what this year will bring. I’m really hoping to grown my art so much more.