August 18, 2018

Venturing into Hobby Lobby

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Major things have happened in the past months. I’m currently in the US and I’ve been going crazy fawning over the art stores and touristy sites I’ve visited thus far. It’s not really keeping my wallet happy but my artsy and wanderlust heart is really happy. Also, there’s been a major shift in my life and now I’m just trying to get back into the swing of things and settle into a comfortable new schedule which includes more time for my art and for blogging (yay!). The very first art store that I visited here in Florida is Hobby Lobby. I had no idea how big of an art store it was until me and friends had lunch near it one day. As soon as my friend’s husband said that it will be heaven for me, well I was sold. So one afternoon, I asked my husband if we could go there.
Huuuuge storefront view from the parking lot. 

May 31, 2018

Arternoon Tea Event with Stabilo

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It was mid-May when I was invited to an exclusive journaling workshop hosted by Stabilo Philippines. The event was held at Bizu in Greenbelt 2 where Stabilo also showcased their new pastel line of highlighters, pens and pencils. When I got to the event place, I was surprised that the foreign execs and staff of Stabilo had come to visit and take a peek at the Arternoon Tea.

The setup of the place was gorgeous. There was a middle table where participants for the journaling workshop by Aina will be seated.

May 31, 2018

Your Basic Calligraphy Materials

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If you're mildly interested in starting on calligraphy as a hobby then you might want to check out what materials you would need first. This post is intended for just that. Once you've started though, I can assure you that calligraphy is one hobby that you'll really enjoy. You'll learn to appreciate the high quality kinds of paper, the different kinds and colors of calligraphy inks, the zen-like state you'll get into while you practice and the significant improvement in your handwriting.

One of the queries that I always get when I'm teaching calligraphy workshops is if they have bad handwriting to start with, will their calligraphy be bad as well? Taking up calligraphy is like learning how to write all over again and with the proper tools you can be sure that even with only 15 minutes a day, your calligraphy game will improve.

May 31, 2018

My Watercolor Lettering Demo

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Last weekend was pretty busy for me because I did an on-stage watercolor lettering demo at the National Bookstore Back to School Fair for Zig Kuretake. I have long since been a loyal advocate of the brand and I truly love their products. I felt really flattered and honored when I was invited to do a demo for the event and while I've already done workshops myself, I have never done a demo onstage.

My watercolor lettering demo would be using Zig Kuretake Gansai Tambi watercolors since I was representing the brand Zig. What I was really scared of was that I would get a case of the nerves, aka hand shaking. So on my first day, that's exactly what happened. I was calm, I was composed and yet my hands were shaking. Grrrr, hands. You're not cooperating!
IG Stories grabbed from @nationalbookstore

May 08, 2018

My Ongoing Calligraphy Journey

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If you have been a reader of mine, you may have noticed that I have been on hiatus for quite a number of months. Late last year, I started to concentrate on doing my wedding preparations and I got married in January. Yes I'm married! Then after I got married, I've been dealing with some personal issues, some of which had me doing an inner battle with myself before I could muster up the will to go to work. I lost most of the time and I really felt completely burned out. Of course, with all that stress, I was also fighting a huge creative block. 

My personal mantra lately

September 27, 2017

My Latest Art Supply Wishlist

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I think I’ve been a good girl enough this year to warrant a good wishlist for art supply shopping next year. I’ve been restraining myself from making any big art purchases especially since we are preparing for our wedding. I am actually surprised at how short my list is now. Without further ado, let’s take a peek shall we?

First up in the list is a Rose Gold Lamy LX. Although I’m a pen addict, I haven’t quite got into the Fountain Pen Bandwagon yet and while my visits to Scribe had me drooling over the pen displays, I’ve been able to successfully resist temptation. So I only have a few choice beginner fountain pens that I’ve been eyeing, this included.
September 26, 2017

Post Event Write-Up: Zig Pen Meet 3

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Last September 9th, I joined a lot of artists, illustrators, letterers and calligraphers on a big art event held by Zig Philippines at the Grand Atrium of Shangri-La Plaza mall. It was a day reserved for art and it was so much fun!

I arrived at the event at 1pm on the dot and I was immediately ushered to the name writing booth where I will be stationed for two hours. I got to meet IG followers and visitors at the art event with the most unique names. My weapon of choice was the brush pen and my I exercised my affinity for color combinations.

The event itself was divided into sections. There were booths where artists were doing live demos of their skills, there’s a stage where you can listen to talks, a live mural section from selected artists, a shopping section where you can peruse and buy all the newly launched Zig Kuretake art materials.
zig-penmeet-3-shangri-la-013 zig-penmeet-3-shangri-la-014

There was also an exhibit section where our works were put up collectively on a wall and showcased for everyone to see.
zig-penmeet-3-shangri-la-012 zig-penmeet-3-shangri-la-006 zig-penmeet-3-shangri-la-007 zig-penmeet-3-shangri-la-008

The event lasted til 6pm and while I was really tired, I was happy that I got to reconnect with friends from the art community. I can't wait for the next Pen Meet!

Zig Pen Meet 3

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